January 2011

Estate Tax, Tax Credits, Flood Insurance: An Update on Tax Issues

Estate tax in flux

Even top tax experts confess confusion as they try to figure out what’s happening with the estate tax.

Here’s a quick summary: As of October 2010, Congress still hasn’t restored the federal estate tax despite predictions they would reinstate it retroactive to January 1. Now, many experts are saying that Congress isn’t likely to pass a retroactive estate tax this year. The 2011 status remains a mystery.

Foreclosure Process: How State Laws Vary

Foreclosure is not a universal, single situation. Each state has its own complex rules and timelines for how foreclosures are handled, and even within each state there may be more than one type of foreclosure. You need to know the steps of foreclosure, whether your state has judicial or non-judicial foreclosures, your state’s quirks, and any possible loopholes.