Smarter Bolder Faster®

Real Estate has been ever changing since the early 2000's.  With the advancement of technology every day there is a faster way, a new shortcut, some new gadget that comes on the market to challenge and change the way Real Estate is done.

So what happens if we just take a passive attitude towards technology, education, and advanced training in our Real Estate career?  This kind of attitude could get you out of Real Estate fast.

Consumers are becoming more and more educated, they are expecting faster and easier access to the information they need.  They want trouble free access and they are looking for their Real Estate Agents on the web. They want to meet their agents on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Ustream, before ever seeing them in person.  Ask yourself, Are you on these sites?  I have always said it, if you are in Real Estate, you should not act like your working for the FBI by being a secret agent, you must be a well known agent when in Real Estate.

Being on the cutting edge of technology is important but just as important is the education, new ideas, new strategies, new concepts that are out there to be learned.  Education boosts a Professionals confidence;  that same confidence will impulse any Professional to closing more business and pursuing more exposure.

Don't take a passive approach towards your career, it could be the biggest mistake, instead become Smarter, Bolder, Faster!


Broker Manager of CENTURY 21 Birchwood International